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Soulful, funky, technically exquisite guitar techniques with dashes of human beatboxing;
 Sarah Koppen's versatile acoustic prowess will make you dance, laugh and shake your head in disbelief.

From the small town of Innisfail in Far North Queensland, 28 year old Sarah Koppen is widely known for her groovy fingerstyle and percussive guitar-playing approaches.


She has recently built quite a buzz around herself from the ground up via busking to ever-growing crowds on the streets of Brisbane, earning recognition from publications such as GuitarWorld and UltimateGuitar, to performing on stages across Australia including Byron Bay Guitar Festival.  Following the release of her debut EP Santa Monica Street in 2018, Sarah toured around Queensland performing with renowned fingerstyle guitarists Michael Fix and Andrea Valeri.


Sarah Koppen is the best acoustic guitarist you’ve never heard of but that status is sure to be short-lived. Her combination of skills and style will soon bring her to wider acclaim and a larger audience. She is already a complete and compelling musician and will continue to expand and develop her talent in the years ahead. Fans of top-tier guitar playing will want to catch up to her now, while she is still at street level.

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